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What is the famous Mayr Therapy and what does it promise to do for my health and well being?

Many therapy programs promise dramatic and lasting results, but none come anywhere near achieving the outstanding results of the Mayr Therapy program.Years of experience, with thousands of participants, in the finest European health spas have conclusively proven that Doctor Franz Xavier Mayr was a brilliant Physician and Scientist. Doctor Mayr was the chief Physician at the world famous health spa in Carlsbad Czechoslovakia for many years. His approach to health and prevention of disease is truly natural, yet grounded in solid scientific and medical facts. As a result of the training passed onto a few hundred present day Physicians, the Mayr Therapy has become the choice for preventive health care among the European elite.

The therapeutic process is best administered in a Spa setting, which can provide a comfortable, attractive and stress free environment. This is an invaluable component of the therapeutic process. Three basic aspects are integral to Mayr Therapy. These are

Rejuvenation, and
Revitalization of the whole person.

The first thing one encounters is that the Physician does an analysis of the state of health of the person. Emphasis is placed on assessing abdominal status, posture, skin tone, color and texture, muscle tone, vitality, present health complaints (if any) and health history.

Then, a program of individualized dietary requisites and cleansing protocols is outlined. Daily sessions with the Physician are required in order to administer manual abdominal therapy. This pleasant yet powerful activity restores vitality, increases energy, promotes the rehabilitative process and brings about an intense sense of well being. It is not long before one is noticing how much better they look and feel. A sense of lightness begins to replace feelings of heaviness and fatigue. Sleep is improved. Positive changes in ones posture, begin to occur. Skin takes on a healthier texture and renewed appearance. Energy is greatly increased and a more enthusiastic and positive outlook on life replaces complacency, resignation and self-doubt. One looks younger, and feels younger. It is not uncommon to hear people comment that they have never felt better in their life.

The intake of food, while on the program is purposely sparse. The principle being to give the digestive system a much-needed rest so the rehabilitative process can occur in the intestinal system where it is most needed. Doctor Mayr believed that among westerners, with our dietary excesses and consumption of overly processed foods, that our health problems originate in our digestive system and that’s where our curative process should begin. The mild fasting that is recommended while on the program, rather than a cause for discomfort is adjusted to quite easily. Participants report little or no hunger and are surprised to find that they don’t miss their normal amounts of food consumption at all.

Along with the procedures that make up the regimen of the Mayr Therapy, participants are encouraged to include a variety of complimentary activities. This may include Massage, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Lymphatic drainage, Sauna or Steam baths. Some mild exercise such as walking, swimming, Yoga, Tai Chi or gentle calisthenics is also recommended.

One of the primary directives that are given is that ample amounts of bed rest are required so the bodies healing processes can occur at their maximum potential. The attending Physician, upon analysis of the subject may prescribe herbal or homeopathic remedies to be taken. This occurs on an individual, case by case basis.

The maximum benefit occurs when one stays on the regimen, under supervision, for a period of twenty-one days. Shorter programs still offer outstanding benefit and even after a program lasting nine days its possible to see dramatic results.

Whatever investment of time one can make towards experiencing Mayr Therapy, will reward one with the realization of greater health and well being, an enhanced defense against disease, old age and illness, a more attractive and pleasing physical appearance and the likelihood of greater joy and happiness.

The satisfaction that comes about when one truly looks and feels better is the greatest gift we can give to our loved ones and ourselves.


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