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Indications For Mayr Therapy

It is an obvious truth that all life-processes depend upon a healthy digestive tract.

However, in the various health professions, this self-evident truth seems often to be missed.  All disease processes can be favorably influenced with the Mayr Therapy.  The Mayr approach Level One Therapy is excellent for weight control, both for losing and gaining weight.  It reduces cellulite.  More than reducing pounds, Mayr Therapy shows its greatest benefit in:

Reducing the inches

Toning up the skin

Flattening the stomach

Rewarding one with an astonishing excess of energy and zest for living

According to European medical experience, there is no disease process that cannot be favorably influenced by this method.  It has been found to be especially effective in the treatment of: 


Sinus problems

Rheumatoid arthritis


Food and other allergies

Many diseases of the twentieth century

All life-processes depend upon a
Healthy Digestive Tract.

Digestive tract

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