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The Detoxification Process

Cleansing means a thorough intestinal detoxification.  This leads to the purification of blood and tissues, through a series of individually prescribed steps. This is done naturally from the mouth down, beginning with the saliva, and does not involve the use of colonic irrigation or enemas.

This digestive system detoxification process
Activates the bowel function, restoring normal peristalsis

Enhances the process of detoxification

Lowers all risk factors of disease

Decongests gastro-intestinal inflammations

Improves breathing by taking pressure off the thoracic cage

Detoxes the gall bladder, liver and pancreas

Boosts immune function

Improves digestion

Importantly, the Mayr Therapy retrains
Your sense of taste for food

Your sense of thirst for liquids

Your sense of smell

Your sense of satiation i.e. That pleasant sensation of knowing when you have eaten enough

Your desire to swallow before you have chewed your food properly

An astonishing number of disorders and complaints recede or are completely reversed by Mayr Therapy, following a fundamental recovery and regeneration process.

You should look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside.

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