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The Value of Fasting In Order To Extend Your Life Span
by Kevin Alen

This is taken from an article from the September 26,1999 issue of the New York Times. It appeared in the section titled " Ideas and Trends". The original article is titled " Eating to reach your life span, or, to extend it"The article basically states that scientific studies seem to be demonstrating that a forty percent reduction in caloric intake may lengthen your life span as much as twenty five years. Rats and mice fed a diet forty percent less than what they consumed if allowed to eat as much as they wanted, lived one third longer. It doesn’t seem to matter whether the calories are in the form of fat, protein or carbohydrates. A monkey trial is presently underway. The studies are assisted by the use of a new biological tool called an "Affymetrix chip" which measures aging at the cellular level. The chip monitors which genes are switched on or off. A theory of aging is that free radicals, which are a by-product of energy production, damage cells. In calorically restricted mice, the control genes are quiescent. Less energy means less damage to the cell’s mitochondria.To date it appears that even though the consumption of a healthy diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is highly desirable, the real key to longevity is a reduction in food consumption overall. Does that mean we need to reduce our food intake by forty percent? Not necessarily, the experiments on mice revealed that even a ten percent reduction in food intake proved to add to the length of life.

I cite this study and resultant article, to further demonstrate the value of fasting and the Mayr therapeutic process as a vastly superior approach to health and longevity, than any other known approach. A natural result of the mild fasting and detoxification process, via Mayr Therapy, is a reduction in the need or desire for large amounts of food. One finds oneself eating less and craving less quite naturally. Added to the benefits of increased energy and vitality, a more youthful and beautiful appearance, we can now also look forward to a longer life.

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