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Manual Abdominal Therapy

Manual Abdominal Therapy (MAT) is a combination of diagnostic and therapeutic measures that make the Mayr Therapy unique and so successful.

A trained Mayr physician assesses the condition of various parts of the intestines, their effect on other parts of the body, and treats them accordingly.  This permits a special level of control over the therapy, and allows progress to be closely monitored during the course of your treatment.

Specifically, intestinal activity is increased, abdominal circulation improves, digestive glands make a steady recovery, and blood is cleaned because metabolic wastes are emptied more effectively into the intestines.

MAT is a hands-on abdominal therapy.  It is not a massage.  MAT is an extra-ordinarily gentle treatment.  MAT leaves the abdomen feeling clean and comfortable.

Patients Love It!
Dr. Kevin Alen administers manual abdominal therapy

Dr. Kevin Alen administers
Manual Abdominal Therapy


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